Cleaning Up Mobile Device EcoSystem- Free Device Registration Regime Abolished

PTA started to clean up the device ecosystem by blocking stolen and counterfeit devices through its DIRBS system. The system was also used to register the mobile devices brought by overseas Pakistanis free of cost. As per the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) rules in one year one device was registered free whereas the other four devices allowed were registered after paying applicable taxes. Sadly, the facility of free registration was misused by shop keepers and other smuggling mafia and eventually, the Government has decided to abolish the facility of free registration. The abolishment of free devices registration regime will come into effect from 01st July 2019 as no device will be registered free as per SRO by FBR. The FBR has withdrawn baggage facility of importing one duty and tax-free mobile for overseas Pakistanis.

Free Device Registration Regime Abolished

It is important to note that the overseas community has appreciated the Government decision as their particulars were misused by travel agent mafia. One labourer Abdul Rehman coming from Saudi-Arabia particularly was happy that the facility has been withdrawn. He said that due to the rule of free mobile, he was getting unreasonable demands from friends and family for bringing the iPhone, whereas he and others like him were working under hard conditions and such unreasonable demands from friends and family is a burden on their savings. The really don’t know what it takes to work in scorching heat and earn money for their long-term survival back home. The government withdrawal of the duty-free device import is a blessing in disguise of all those labourers, who can’t afford to gift these devices. The same is true even for other overseas Pakistanis from well off countries who were bombarded with such unreasonable demands from their relatives and friends at home.

The Government in order to further facilitate International travellers and local consumers, reduced the 45 taxes on devices to make registration easier for a common man. To know more about it by Click here.

It is worth mentioning here that people buying devices from the local market (Pakistan), can register their devices by dialling *8484#. The system being installed by PTA is very beneficial as it will fight the illegal devices that are smuggled into the country.

Smuggling Mafia was previously misusing this free devices facility so the implementation of this new system will curb the smuggling of imported devices


Moreover, overseas Pakistanis who plan to stay in Pakistan and use local SIM will have to register their mobile devices. In case they are using roaming on Pakistani network they will not be required to register. In case international travellers, using local SIM fail to register devices within the first 60 days, 10 % extra duty will be charged.

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