Cloud Computing on Rise in Pakistan, Says Oracle

From the Year 2013, Pakistan’s information communications and technology (ICT) has shown a remarkable boom. With an emergence of enterprise cloud offerings, a pace of change and growth can be observed. Along with the technology, mobile phone usage in the country is showing a steady growth. According to the report of year 2013, Pakistanis are among the highest SMS users in the world and the average Pakistani sends up to 178 text messages in a month.

Cloud Computing on Rise in Pakistan, Says Oracle

As Cloud computing is providing cheaper and cost effective automation, data management, analysis and services to the businesses globally as well as in the Pakistan. The Oracle Country Sales Manager Pakistan and Afghanistan Waqas Hashmi predicted the bright future in Pakistan. He also said that this is a great time for cloud in Pakistan.

He further added that the cloud provides access to big data and give corporations a deeper understanding of their customers. It also provides the best ways to run the business along with benefiting all types and sizes of companies.

“Small companies can launch into the cloud immediately, gaining access to enterprise class solutions, while medium-sized businesses can get an integrated set of software in the cloud,”

According to Waqas Hashmi, it is important for companies to thoroughly investigate the fundamental aspects such as data security and management capabilities. During the interview he explained the present and future working scenario with regard of SaaS and PaaS. For SaaS he explained that;

“Using SaaS is a great start, but where companies gain real competitive differentiation and advantage is customising aspects of the applications to their own requirements,”

While Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offers businesses with some other key advantages. But the critical area about them is the developing and testing of applications.

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