Cockroach Challenge Goes Viral on Social Media- It can Have Serious Health Issues

Don't try it

The internet is the most interesting place. This time #CockroachChallenge has taken over the internet and is gathering momentum. Yes, you heard that right! Cockroach. Challenge.

Stay Away From Cockroach Challange

After Kiki and iceberg challenge, the cockroach challenge has taken social media by storm. It is quite a yucky challenge but I am amazed how youth is actively participating in it. This new online challenge involves taking a selfie with cockroaches on your face. This challenge was initially started on Facebook by a boy, Alex Aung from Myanmar. The teenager shared a picture of himself with a cockroach on his face and asked if anyone can do it. Following this post, many youngsters accepted it and actively took part in it.


This dirty act, later on, went viral on Twitter too.

Should you Try cockroach Challange?

As Pakistan is very quick in adopting this, the purpose behind this blog is to stop the youth from adopting this challenge as it is just ugly.

The challenges that surface on the internet mostly don’t come with do’s and don’t’s. While the Kiki Challenge promoted a dangerous callousness towards road safety, the Cockroach Challenge could have some serious adverse effects on health. So, if you’re inclined to try this challenge out, please be aware of this.

How Cockroaches Causes Allergies?

Cockroaches leave back evidences of their existence wherever they go.  In order to know whether you have cockroach infiltration, you must have filters such as feces, saliva, and their body parts that they discarded or that fall off. These parts of cockroaches carry specific allergens that may cause allergies and can also cause asthma symptoms.

Moreover, cockroaches also carry pathogens in their bodies. These species also carry a disease Salmonella Typhi, which causes Typhoid. Cockroaches also carry Poliomyelitis, which causes Polio. Moreover, they can also cause Dysentery, a disease that causes severe diarrhea that may include bleeding.

Don’t try this challenge!

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