COD becomes the most famous mobile game after surpassing PUBG

When we think about the last decade. It has been witnessed considerable increase  Mostly, mobile phones have become the venue for playing games. In the contemporary times, people have exhibited a tendency to play more online military or strategic games.

COD becomes the most famous mobile game after surpassing PUBG

For the last two years, Pub G has remained the most popular online game. It had been dominating the gaming market due to enhanced graphics and numerous terrains. But, a challenger has arisen who has stolen the number one spot from pub G.

Call of duty has become successful in beating all previous records. Call of Duty was downloaded over 100 million times in the first week. That’s around 5 times more than either PUBG, with 28 million, or Fortnite managed in their first week after release. The reasons for this triumph are simple and prominent. Call of duty already had an immense fan following before the mobile version came. Along with that, the growing fame of multiplayer shooters on mobile platform. Now pub g is on second place while Minecraft occupies the third place.

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Call of duty mobile is much similar to its orthodox versions. The game enables a lot of diverse maps. They include Crash, Nuketown and Killhouse, which are easily identifiable to former call of duty players. Its also appealing and thrilling to the new users. In addition to that, the game offers multiple game modes. Like, the death match and free for all mode. Above all, there is a huge diversity of weapons in the game.

Tencent is the manufacturer of call of duty. According to an estimate, they have acquired about $17.7 million only in the first month. It is expected that the profit will grow with more ferocity in the comin time.

All of the above discussion has an implicit argument. We are living in the world of ultra smartphones with huge RAM space and super graphics. In which the gaming business is becoming successful.

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