Communication Apps Given One Year Time to Transfer Data to Iranian Servers

According to Reuters, all the Companies behind leading communication apps have been given one year to transfer all the information they have on Iranian users to servers in Iran. This hikes concerns relevant to privacy.

Communication Apps Given One Year Time to Transfer Data to Iranian Servers

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The Iranian government wants the potentiality to trace private and semi-private chats on messaging apps. Various social networks are already blocked in Iran, but it seems like the government wants more power to control each and every social network.

Specifically apps such as WhatsApp and Telegram have become astonishingly notorious in Iran, but the government has no command over what is shared on these platforms. Users can make groups on Telegram and reach a great number of people.

Impelling servers to Iran may not be sufficient, as lately WhatsApp concluded its turn out of end-to-end encryption. Even WhatsApp can’t read the content of communications, with end-to-end encryption, as they are encoded, and only WhatsApp users included in these conversations can decode them.

One other such example is Apple’s iMessage. It is an encrypted messaging protocol. Apple isn’t endowed to disseminate messages to a government.

In the same way Telegram permits you initiate “secret conversations” with end-to-end encryption. Whereas Telegram users in Iran are familiar of this feature, the Iranian government wouldn’t be able to read those conversations. By default, Telegram conversations are not encoded on Telegram’s servers.

In other countries with Internet limitations, there are various methods to make a Facebook account and tweet things. You can set up a VPN tool so that Iranian ISPs can’t notice you’re looking through these websites.

Hence it is proved that encryption is a vital element for freedom of speech. Each time the FBI asks for backdoor information it threatens myriad number of people across the globe who hope to get the ability to excoriate their government without any restrictions.

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