5 Reasons Why Not To Go For Freelancing

Cons Of Freelancing

Freelancing is considered to be the best way to pull in that money from the comfort of your home. I have been writing a lot on Freelancing ever since I started content writing and I decided to pursue my career as a freelancer. However, through personal experiences and keen observations, I came to the conclusion that freelancing is not at all about ‘sugar and spice and everything nice’.

Herein, you will find, Challenges Freelancers Have To Face, Cons of freelancing and 5 Reasons Why Not To Go For Freelancing

1. Health Risks

Freelancing demands hours of constant immobility. You just have to sit and stick your eyes on a computer screen. Even typing that gives me the most negative vibes. Freelancers often face problems related to the spinal cord or stretched shoulder and neck muscles.

Moreover, they are more vulnerable to obesity thus tend to face heart problems. Freelancers are mostly sluggish lazy people sitting all day in their PJs and working on their computers with no fixed routine.

I have observed a lot of top freelancers who have earned their name in the freelance market and a common trait in them was baggy, taut eyes with deep dark circles beneath. And why won’t they? This constant and excessive exposure to blue light results in weak eyesight and taut eye muscles.

Here are 5 Health Rules For Freelancers

2. Extra Stress

5 Reasons Why Not To Go For Freelancing
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I am sure we have all experienced the stress of an arriving deadline. Well, unfortunately, a freelancer always worries about meeting deadlines. A 9 to 5 job is all about working for a day and then going home without the worry of meeting deadlines and if there are any they aren’t that persistent. So, freelancers generally spend a stressed life.

3. No Leaves

You are sick, it is your wedding, you are having a baby, someone died, someone’s born, no matter what a freelancer won’t ever get a break from the projects they opted to complete! No sick leaves, no emergency leaves, no maternal leaves, no leaves at all!

4. Uncertain Employment

One day you are doing just fine and you completed a great project and after that what next? The other day you have a new job, a new project, a new way to earn to search. What if you don’t find a suitable one? what if you don’t find it in time?

5. Inconsistent stream of money

5 Reasons Why Not To Go For Freelancing
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Consistent jobs provide a consistent flow of money but this is not the case in freelancing as the probability of finding a suitable project with handsome pay may vary a lot. So if you are a freelancer someday you may be the king of the world and someday a homeless person, nothing in between. Well, you can overcome it by surfing for projects before time and managing your current and pending to-do list.

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Hope you found these points relevant and helpful. If you keep yourself disciplined and have a healthy workout routine you can overcome all these cons of freelancing.

Here is How To Start Freelancing

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