Coronavirus App by Pan-European Team To Launch Soon

As millions of people recover from weeks of lockout in China, their freedom to travel is increasingly dependent on mobile applications. As the pandemic progresses, both private and public sectors are searching at solutions to counter coronavirus. There were more than 900,000 confirmed cases globally on Wednesday, including nearly 50,000 deaths. A few diligent researchers in UK have developed a Coronavirus app to get alerts wherever you are in danger to get attacked. 

On Wednesday, a pan-European team of researchers revealed their intention to release a mobile app that would alert consumers if they were introduced to anyone infected with coronavirus, the latest example of tech-driven coronavirus approaches that have addressed consumer privacy concerns. 

How Does It Works?

A European initiative called Pan-European Privacy Protecting Proximity Tracing is working for the release over the next week of a coronavirus tracking software that will use anonymous Bluetooth technology to detect when a device gets near to another, and if a user were to test positive for coronavirus, others at risk of infection might be alerted. 

Touch monitoring or identifying individuals who may have been exposed to someone with a virus is an proven part of pandemic management and has been used extensively in the form of mobile surveillance in countries such as China, Singapore and South Korea to combat coronavirus. 


The developers hope to have information into why some people are developing the illness more seriously than others. It plans to build a map showing where outbreak occur, and help to differentiate cases from normal cold cases. Its a kind of a new Coronavirus app which is set to launch to control the increasing graph of this deadly coronavirus. Researchers have warned users to be vigilant of what they are uploading. 

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