Court Drops All Charges Against Axact CEO Shoaib Shaikh

Finally, here comes the great news of this year as Court Drops All Charges Against Axact CEO Shoaib Shaikh. Mr. Shoaib Shaikh, has been caught in cases including money laundering, fake degree etc. Yesterday, the court due to lack of evidence as claimed by the FIA dropped all charges against him.

Before this, just last week we heard that Shoaib Shaikh along with his 13 other colleagues were released on bail.

Court Drops All Charges Against Axact CEO Shoaib Shaikh

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During the hearing at court, Shaukat Hayat, Axact lawyer, said to the judge that:

“The accused were entitled to a bail since they have no criminal record. He also pointed out that no evidence has been brought up against the accused despite a passage of 15 months.”

Axact, a Pakistani Software Company, came into limelight during May, 2015 when New York Times tried to expose some of its projects in the media; one of which was fake degree case.

Phone World team from very start of this case come up with a unique story and tried to assert that the accused is not guilty of anything.

Here is our exclusive story on entire case of Axact: The Axact Story: Industrial Espionage, Conspiracy or a Reality?

Still there is much more to be revealed yet as cases against Shoaib Shaikh may have been proved nullified but the Axact case is not over yet. FIA is still in process of investigation and gather the data from the Axact PCs. Let’s see what we hear in coming days about Axact. 


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