COVID-19 Sensors Inserted to Phones- Is it True?

Several messages are circulating of social media, revealing that COVID-19 sensors are silently inserted into every phone. It claims that during the last week, when everyone had disruptions using the phone, Google and Apple were adding sensors that are helpful to track corona patients near you.  Everyone was confused about whether the news is true or fake. Well, it’s half true. This message is referring to the COVID-19 contact tracing system that Apple and Google were collectively working on to enable exposure notifications on both Android and iPhone devices. However, it really doesn’t mean that a tracker is installed in your device to track your location or any other details associated with corona.

Have Apple, Google Silently Installed COVID-19 Sensors to Track Coronavirus on Your Phone?

As per the message that has widely spread on WhatsApp, this sensor becomes functional when the Bluetooth is switched on. No doubt, Apple and Google are working on COVID-19 contact tracing solutions; however, nothing is installed on your smartphone, and no one can do it without your permission.

In actual, it is a new service in google setting menu on Android devices that is meant for COVID-19 exposure notifications. Upon clicking on these services, you will come to know that Google hasn’t installed it. You will need an app to turn on this newly available feature on your device. Many governments are building participating apps by using this new exposure notification system; however, Pakistan is not a part of it. Similar is the case with iPhone users.

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