CPEC to Help Pakistan Build Fast & Reliable Communication System from 2016-30

Under CPEC, Pakistan is working with China on USD 55 billion project to develop communications system. This communication system will not be routed through India and the US. CPEC to Help Pakistan Build Fast & Reliable Communication System from 2016-30.

The roadmap of the Long Term Plan for the China Pakistan Economic Corridor was developed from November 2013 to December 2015. This project aims at incorporating components such as fiber optic cable connecting Pakistan and China, submarine landing station for internet traffic flow, e-governance and digital TV for all.

CPEC to Help Pakistan Build Fast & Reliable Communication System from 2016-30

This project will handle the anticipated increase in communication between the two countries. There is a dire need to establish fast, reliable connectivity and perhaps most critically communication that is not routed through Europe, US and India.

Linking rest of the world through China will reduce Pakistan’s dependence on Undersea cables that carry the excessive internet traffic. In cases where the undersea cables develop a fault as has occurred in the past the document says another route would be in place.

The existing fiber optic network through which Pakistan connects to the world has been developed by a consortium that has Indian companies either as partners or shareholders.

In January, Director General SCO, Amir Azeem Bajwa informed that the National Assembly standing committee on Information Technology that some incoming and outgoing internet traffic landed in India before being routed to destinations. This is a high security risk for Pakistan.

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