Crucial Decisions Taken by Govt on Anti-Pakistan Social Media Accounts

According to Federal Minister for Communications and Postal Providers Murad Saeed, the Federal Government has agreed to reveal every social-media Anti-Pakistan account that is engaged in the spreading of misleading information against Pakistan. When talking about a situation in Islamabad, the Minister stated that India again began spitting poison with Pakistan to take the world’s attention away from the continuing demonstrations by farmers in India. Murad Saeed said previously, Pakistan exposed and disclosed Indian misleading propaganda against Pakistan on all international forums.

Government of Pakistan takes Crucial Decisions on Anti-Pakistan Social Media Accounts

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Murad Saeed said that since 2005 India has been conducting an organized drive against Pakistan all over the world in reference to the EU DisInfo Lab report titled Indian Chronicles. He added that the Indian propaganda campaign by media organizations, and NGOs, the Indian propaganda campaign created fake media outlets and planted fake journalists in Brussels and Geneva, stolen identities by impersonating important EU and UN organizations, and set up hundreds of NGOs to spread an anti-Pakistan narrative.

India always tries to create a misleading image of Pakistan by false news betrays an insidious campaign that is beginning to describe the tension and issues between both countries. In October 2018, in order to highlight Social Media posts containing misleading or distorted facts, that the Ministry of Information and Broadcastings (MoIB) had established an anti-fake news wing.

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