Customizable Google Search Widget Rolls Out For Latest Beta Version

Customization options for Google’s search widget first started to appear all the way back in 2017. After that this new feature was unceremoniously yoinked. Some people running the latest beta version of the app reported earlier this week that the feature was going live for them. After confirming we came to know that the Customizable Google Search Widget is back again for the users running the latest Beta Update of the App.

Customizable Google Search Widget Makes A Comeback

The new setting is not accessible via a launcher’s settings. It can be found in the Google app. To change the search bar widget settings for yourself, follow the steps written below:

  • Head to the Google app
  • Tap the fifth tab all the way to the right of the navigation bar at the bottom
  • Tap “Customize Widget” in the list of options that appears
  • That will take you to pretty simple, a four-category customization screen
  • Select the category according to your choice and enjoy

The four options for the search widget that you can change include the logo. You can opt for the full Google logo or G. In addition to that, you can select the shape as well. There are options of a square, round corners, and round. You can also change the color and transparency/shading options. The options are wide enough to cover the spectrum from tasteful to garish as your heart may desire.

According to the reports, the new customization option has been spotted on devices running the latest beta of the Google (version 8.21). However, earlier this week, there were reports that the feature is going live in the stable version of the app as well. Hopefully, it will roll out soon for all users.

Laiba Mohsin

Laiba is an Electrical Engineer seeking a placement to gain hands-on experience in relevant areas of telecommunications. She likes to write about tech and gadgets. She loves shopping, traveling and exploring things.
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