Daewoo Express: High on Rate Low on Service

Daewoo Express Bus Service in Pakistan claims that it is providing the best services to its customers. Oh, hold on! Is this supposed to be some kind of joke? Personally, I think they must be kidding but if they are serious about it, then, please Daewoo team re-think and then speak.

My Personal Experience with Daewoo Express

Being a regular passenger of Daewoo Express Bus Service, I have experienced so much trouble while traveling via this service. If I start sharing my problems then, in fact, it will make quite a huge list. It seems the company is only thinking about its profit by sacrificing the services that it is proving to its customers.

Daewoo Express: High on Rate Low on Service

Fares Getting Higher

The fares of the bus service are getting high day by day, all right they will make an excuse that the rates of petrol are increasing but as far as I know the fares are increasing more rapidly as compared to the price hike of petrol. Therefore, if they blame the petrol rates for the increase in their fares, then, dear Daewoo! That’s not fair!

Worst Condition of Buses

The condition of the buses are getting worse, but who cares about the maintenance as it requires time and money and of course why the company would utilize its time on maintenance as it is already busy in making money. The cooling system of the buses works fine, however, if one wishes to change the direction of the AC vents, it simply does not work. If someone wants to move vents to the right they will move to the left and if to the left, they will move right. Sometimes it feels like the vents are in rock n roll mode.


Pay Extra for Refreshments!

More interestingly, now you have to pay extra if you want to take some refreshment. Like now you have to pay more to enjoy Pepsi, lays or club sandwich.

In order to facilitate its customers, Daewoo has introduced a mobile app. Now customers can make a booking from the app if they are planning to travel but in passengers’ peak days, especially before EID holidays, the app stops working and you can’t make any reservation via Daewoo app as it becomes inactive.

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Pakistan Citizen’s Portal Complaints Regarding Daewoo Express

There are so many others who are complaining about the Daewoo’s services and fares. Recently, I came across a complaint against Daewoo on Pakistan Citizen Portal about the condition of the buses from Rawalpindi to Abbottabad, You can see it in the screenshot given below:

However, the fact is that the overall condition is getting worse, Daewoo Express Bus Service should play fair and should do justice to its customers. If they are opting Daewoo bus service and paying high fares then that is just because they are expecting good services, so the ‘dearest Daewoo team’ should take good care of their valued customers. After all, the customers are what keeps the bus service running.

The Daewoo bus service in Pakistan really needs to know what the customers consider to be good customer service and take the time to live up to customers’ expectations.

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  • Totally on point.. I have personally had terrible experience with daewoo.. More often does it happen that the buses get canceled or delayed which causes so much trouble for the passengers, especially when one is on a schedule.. Additionally, as per the schedule given on the website, a bus should take 2:30 hours from peshawar to Rawalpindi, but this would not be the case if the bus has a detour in Nowshehra (which it does usually), in which case the journey takes more than 4 hours and it has not even been mentioned on the website..

  • I travelled from multan to lahore in daewoo on 7th July
    The ac of bus wasn’t working passengers stoped the bus at khanewal and demanded for the new bus after 1 hour Daewoo reached at khanewal and we shifted from the old to new bus
    I mean they wasted their aur ours time they should check it before departing multan but as you are saying they are busy in making money

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