Daraz: Pakistan’s Largest E-Commerce Platform is Supporting Scammers

We all know how the internet is reshaping shopping ways. No doubt, the internet makes our lives easy but at the same time it can also act as a virtual thief by stealing your money. There are a lot of websites offering different items that include popular brands of clothing, jewellery and electronics affordable prices. But when you place the order and get the product, that you paid for, will be fake or defected. Sometimes, you will receive nothing at all. Well, I am not talking about all the online sellers, there are a lot of online sellers who believe in transparency and deliver the original products. Most fake sellers and scammers prefer to sell their products via e-commerce platforms such as DARAZ in Pakistan. It will not be wrong if I say Daraz is supporting scammers and feeling proud of it.

In the Daraz’s new ad, the e-commerce company is calling itself the biggest e-commerce company with a biggest delivery and customer service but unfortunately, it forgot to add one thing and that is the biggest scammer of Pakistan.

Well, the purpose of this article is not defaming Daraz but just want to expose the scammers who are playing smartly with customers and Daraz is encouraging them without taking any action. The most annoying thing that I have personally experienced that is, whenever, you register any complaint, they will come up with so many lame excuses. They sell such third-grade products but are not feeling sorry about it. Daraz gets so much fame in a short period and now, it seems the company is unable to handle it properly.

However, in today’s post, I am sharing a few links with you that will show how people are complaining and what they get when they received their parcels from Daraz.

Not only customers but also sellers are not happy with Daraz as you can see in the below video.

Daraz really needs to stop making us fool anymore. The company really needs to improve its services and should make the angry crowd happy, Phoneworld suggests.

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