Dark Mode Feature Rolling Out Again to the Android Messages App

Dark Mode Feature Rolling Out Again to the Android Messages App

On August 16th, Google added a long awaited Dark Mode Feature to version 3.5 of the Android Messages app. Through this  feature users were able to switch the app’s UI from black text on a white background to white text on a black background. The Dark Mode feature protects users from getting irritated by the bright white background of an app.

Dark Mode Feature Returning to the Android Messages App

However, Google surprisingly removed it from the app with a server-side update before users could use Dark Mode on Android Messages. This act of Google disappointed Android users who were anxiously waiting to use the setting on the Messages app but now Dark Mode feature has returned back to the Android messages with a bang in next version. Android Messages next version v.3.5.052 will include both the Material Design UI and Dark Mode feature.

Updated version 3.5.052 of Android Messages, is beginning to roll out via the Play Store with the Google Material Theme. Those users who were waiting for this Dark Mode feature can close the app from the menu and relaunch to force the new design and dark mode. Well we don’t know the specific reason behind the sudden removal and again addition of feature in android messages, but if Google has taken such a step then there would be a reason behind it.

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