Deals per Deals: CheezMall Announces Rs. 5,000 Flat Discounts on Bills on Nov 25th

Nov 25, Prior to Friday! Its Crazy shopping Celebration

Pakistan’s Ecommerce is now growing into a very mature era. With a launching of recently (A Chinese Ecommerce Giant) the revitalization of Ecommerce in Pakistan has just started. The new initiatives like Black Friday have somewhat lifted the losing interest of online consumers in Pakistan.

On November 27, many online platforms are performing their shopping deals day. But it seems that only discounts were being given that still consumer would first perceive that whether the discount is real discount in terms of prices or its just a manipulation. So it does not create a curiosity factor which in the end again favors less in grabbing the attention of online consumer.

Deals per Deals: CheezMall Announces Rs. 5,000 Flat Discounts on Bills on Nov 25th

In order to tackle this factor, has announced “Deals per Deals” or “Deals on Deals” on November 25th whose details make a consumer crazy. The whole concept is itself crazy. is offering Rs 5000 free coupon to every consumer with a upto 93% off with free home Delivery.

Are they Crazy? This is the question that comes into mind after reading the offer because already giving that much discounts with further Rs 5000 is something that never happened in the history of online and not even offline shopping business in Pakistan. is explaining this craze in the name of launch celebrations. They craziest response they got in just one week of their launch has triggered this celebration to that crazy level. They work with the policy of “To whom much is given, Much is expected” (Bill Gates). By following which, has decided to return back the consumers of Pakistan in the same warmest way.

The offer does not end up here. Yes 93% discount with Rs 5000 coupon was still not enough for though it already would create a headache for others, but they are also giving 1+ benefits to specific brand’s consumers. The more details about the extra beneficiaries and offer would be discussed in the next article but some big names like Telenor, Zong, House of ittehad, HBL bank etc have something more on that day. Their consumers might get some extra benefit.

Just a week after the launch of, online consumers of Pakistan are getting that much crazy deals from them that makes one wonder what would be the next level then. If this is the beginning what would be the ending then? It is not less than any blessing to have a Chinese brand here in Pakistan, because after their entry, already the race has started for competition like one happened between Telcos of Pakistan. No matter who will win this, but in the end the main benefit would be delivered to the end consumers of Pakistan only which is exciting.

The time has just started for redefinition of Ecommerce in Pakistan. It is not a black Friday from Only celebration day of Cheezmall is giving first 10,000 consumers with Rs 5000 free coupon on online shopping. That means that Cheezmall is giving RS 50 million free to online consumers of Pakistan. Cheezmall is planning to celebrate Black Friday on next year. It would be worth seeing if this is just a celebration day from Cheezmall. All eyes are on November 25th now. Hearts excited, fingers crossed, full attention on “Deals per Deals”.

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