Delete these 150 Dangerous Android apps from your Smartphone

Scams are quite normal these days and no matter what smartphone you use, one needs to look out for scams. These days emails, texts, or app downloads carrying malicious activities can be extremely dangerous. These days there are some fake and dangerous Android apps on Google Play Store the can compromise your privacy. Just recently, a Cybersecurity company, Avast has reported a scam campaign named UltimaSMS.

Avast revealed that there are 151 apps that are part of this premium SMS scam campaign. These android apps compromise security by disguising themselves as legitimate tools. The security is compromised by photo editors, camera filters, games, and QR code scanners.

Delete these 150 Dangerous Android apps from your Smartphone

Their main goal is to get victims to sign up for expensive SMS services.

If a user installs the UltimaSMS app, this app will quickly check the phone’s location, IMEI, and number to check out which country area code and language will be used for the Scam. Upon opening the email, a screen will appear asking users for their phone numbers and/or email addresses.

Upon entering this information, the app will sign users up for premium SMS services that can cost them up to $40 per month.

Why people are falling for this Scam?

Here’s what Avast explained about the reason why people are falling for this scam.


The apps discovered are essentially identical in structure, meaning the same base app structure is repurposed numerous times. These copies are disguised as genuine apps through well constructed app profiles on the Play Store. The profiles feature catchy photos and enticing app descriptions alongside often high review averages. However, upon closer inspection, they have generic privacy policy statements and feature basic developer profiles including generic email addresses. They also tend to have numerous negative reviews from users that correctly identified the apps as scams or have fallen for the scam.

Moreover, some fake Android apps are also being advertised on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and other such platforms. Upon signing in, you give access to your information which is quite risky.

MOST IMPORTANT: This is the LIST of FAKE APPS that need to be deleted.

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