Delete These Malicious Android Apps from Your Phone ASAP

Have you ever scrolled down on Playstore randomly just to find out if there is any useful app there? Doing this, you usually end up downloading several gaming apps just for fun. There are times when your kids use your mobile, and you have to keep apps of their interest, not knowing what hard they might cause you. So if you are like those mobile users, why have too many apps downloaded and you don’t even use them, its time to clean up your device as you might be a victim of Malicious Android Apps.

The malicious app sage is nothing new for us, but it’s getting difficult with every passing day to know about the dangers associated with apps in Google Play store. A group of security researchers have found out some infectious app on play store, and android users are actively downloading them as well. As a result, Google has removed 19 apps that were found guilty, and users must do the same as soon as possible. Of course, Google can not save you from the apps that you have already downloaded on your devices.

Deleting these apps is nor very easy, as they are programmed to trick users that these apps do not work properly. Their launched icons are automatically removed after being downloaded, so the uninstallation process is quite difficult.

List of Malicious Android Apps

So in order to get rid of such apps and save yourselves from any kind of mischief, you need to check your phone’s home screen and list of apps installed on your mobile phone. It can be done by heading to the settings menu for the titles mentioned below:

  • Auto Picture Cut
  • Color Call Flash
  • Square Photo Blur
  • Square Blur Photo
  • Magic Call Flash
  • Easy Blur
  • Image Blur
  • Auto Photo Blur
  • Photo Blur
  • Photo Blur Master
  • Super Call Screen
  • Square Blur Master
  • Square Blur
  • Smart Blur Photo
  • Smart Photo Blur
  • Super Call Flash
  • Smart Call Flash
  • Blur Photo Editor
  • Blur Image

S if any of these apps are downloaded on your mobile devices, uninstall them. We will keep on updating you all for more apps causing harm.

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