Dell A journey to the cloud

Islamabad 21st April 2014: Dell organized an event “A journey to the Cloud” here at Marriott hotel. It is basically a series of events organized by Dell with a sole purpose to keep the industry up to date with all kinds of work that Dell is doing to revolutionize the wondrous world of computing.




Dell’s speakers delivered their presentations about Flash (a product from Dell) and explained its incomparable features. Moreover, all the other associated concepts such as virtualization, storage, etc. were also discussed on the occasion. ┬áProfessionals from the IT industry attended the event and discussed the utilization of Dell’s technologies with respect to their industry requirements. So it was very useful and informative event in which the people have get much of the information about the developments and the projects by dell. All the new projects and the improved concepts were discussed in this event just for the people present there. A very healthy and useful discussion take place which clear many queries and give some of the new and important information to the people.

Well that’s a nice and positive steps towards technology and it will help in many ways. Such kind of events should be organized so that the people remain connected and updated with technology.

Kanwal Ayub

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