Digital Amnesia: Here’s why you are struggling with your memory

Our daily lives and relationships have been transformed by the internet and internet-enabled devices. We entrust them with our sensitive personal information, such as contacts and images, and rely on them to connect us to a vast source of knowledge at any time and from any location.

Digital amnesia is the experience of forgetting information that you rely on a digital device to store and remember for you.

Our brains and smartphones interact in a complex web: smartphonification of life has been increasing since the mid-2000s, but was accelerated by the pandemic, as has internet use in general. Prolonged periods of stress, isolation, and exhaustion – all of which have become common themes since March 2020 – are well known for their negative impact on memory.

Would you be able to remember your parent’s phone number if you turned off your phone, table, and any other digital device? Most likely, NO. The same answer applies not only to emergency details such as contact information and locations, but also to short-term key activities such as incoming appointments, duties, and deadlines.

Endless scrolling can be stressful at times, and phone notifications

appear to influence what we remember

Sometimes The terms “Google effect” and “digital amnesia” are used interchangeably. The Google effect is one of the causes of Digital Amnesia because it describes our habit of immediately searching for something (even multiple times) instead of learning, understanding, and retaining this information.

Below is a list of exercises that will help us fight digital amnesia:

  1. Mindfulness is the practise of being aware of one’s thoughts, actions, and surroundings.
  2. Perform physical exercises.
  3. Perform memory exercises such as puzzles, card games, and chess.
  4. Read and think about what you’ve read.
  5. Meet new people and plan technology-free activities.

Knowing what digital amnesia is and how to care for our memory through simple habits and daily exercises will improve your performance, productivity, and overall time management.

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