Disconnect to get Connected in life

Smart phones are making our lives more convenient, more accessible, more exciting, more speedy but is our life becoming emotionlessly smart too?Each day we move ahead one step towards becoming a Smart Phone Freak!Its about time to Disconnect to get Connected in life.

How much time are we spending with technology rather than with our loved ones? Our fixation with technology has created new routines that are way different from the traditional notions of family time and  we moving zillion steps away from enjoying true colors of life.

Disconnect to get Connected in life

The pleasure of a real time conversation with your loved ones,the experience of spending quality time chatting in real with your family members are all incomparable to a cellular conversation.No matter how awesome your Smart Phone is but it can never take the place of your loved ones.

Disconnect to get Connected in life

The most amazing moments in ones life are gone with the wind that brought along cool, addictive Smart phones in our life. The distances have been reduced virtually creating never ending distances among the hearts.

Disconnect to get Connected in life


Holding a smart phone over a romantic walk with your partner on a beautiful beach. Partners hardly talk among themselves.Thanks to Smart phones! When your partner attends to a phone instead of talking to you, it feels like A Big Rejection—it hurts. Feeling ignored. One can feel as bad as being shunned.


A study carried out in USA ,which included 143 married women, the majority of whom reported that Smart phones, computers and other technology devices were significantly disruptive in their relationships, couplehood and family lives. 

Disconnect to get Connected in life

People who are glued to their smartphone’s digital glue get penalized of missing all the fun of enjoying a ride within a picturesque.Talk on a Smart phone while you miss all the beauty of a valley,miss on all the green pleasure for your eyes!


Disconnect to get Connected in life

A family gathering to enjoy a meal over a family table talk suffers from Smart phone attack because members are bound to satisfy their Smart phone addiction. The whole moment is disrupted simply by a text, email, or any other task. The rest are left to get the hint that;

“What he/she is  doing on a Smart phone is more important than talking to us right now,” or, “He/She is more interested in my his/her Smart phone than in us,” or,in some cases, “We’re not worthy of his/her attention.”

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No real time enjoyment has been left behind for us and the coming generations. Lesser attachment has been left over for the loved ones, rather Smart phones have taken the place. Only way to connect to our loved ones in real life is to Disconnect ourselves from this viscous circle of Smart phone usage. The early we get rid of this smart phone freakness the more we will revive the real essence of relationships.


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Every day I try to update my TECHNOLOGY DICTIONARY. I feel obligated to disclose it to the world . As it is said : "Technology helps you to accomplish a job more effectively, but Technology itself does not tell you about the way you can use it". For that part, keep your self updated to properly utilize these state -of-the art technologies, in order to make your fast moving life more manageable.

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