Disney to Conduct ‘Star Wars’ Toy Event via AR Technology

As currently Augmented Reality (AR) has taken over various industries of human life and is one of the big thing from last 1 or 2 years. Now the famous Walt Disney Co has also decided to use AR by sending its “Star Wars” characters to the stores via AR in order to draw the attention of its fans. The marketing campaign is meant to do promotion for its upcoming “The Last Jedi” movie; Disney said in a statement yesterday. Disney to Conduct ‘Star Wars’ Toy Event via AR Technology.

Around 20,000 stores across 30 countries have been shortlisted for this purpose and the marketing stunt will be done on 1st September, 2017 at 12:01 am PDT (3.01 am ET).

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Disney to Conduct ‘Star Wars’ Toy Event via AR Technology

Using augmented reality technology, users will see the characters overlaid on their surroundings by looking through their phone’s cameras, and can take photos or videos with them.

Now due to rising trend, Disney has also tapped into the trend of augmented reality which once got popularity back in July, 2016 with the launch of famous Niantic Inc’s “Pokemon Go” game.

The hunt for “Star Wars” characters is scheduled to last 3 days and will coincide with “Force Friday II,” the day shopkeepers will start the sell of toys and other products that are tied to the “The Last Jedi” with midnight openings across the world.

This shows that how gaming industry is taking advantage of “Augmented Reality” technology while using it in order to make the games/movies more interactive for users.

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