Djuice Apportunity 2012 Presents Augmented Reality Powered by Qualcomm

Qualcomm & Djuice are playing an important role to maintain the Ecosystem and provide students of Pakistan Opportunities to grow and rise in the field of Telecommunications and technology.
This is not the first Augmented Reality Session conducted by both the companies, Previously Qualcomm and Djuice conducted a useful interactive learning session for the students of Islamabad and this time they went Lahore to polish its university students with the power of Qualcomm’s Vuforia “Augmented Reality” teach them what Augmented Reality is and let them make amazing Applications which can make them part of Djuice Apportunity 2012 and can win amazing prices.

Djuice Apportunity 2012 Presents Augmented Reality Powered by Qualcomm

This is the level of commitment needed by all the Telco Operators and Vendors to come forward and develop the nation. It’s a life time investment and rewards are unlimited.

Training on Augmented Reality – Lahore

The aim of this training was to invite students and software developers to unleash their talent by creating mobile phone applications (apps) on platforms such as Apple iOS, Google Android and Nokia’s Symbian among others using Qualcomm’s AR technology SDK’s.
It was a hands on training session for students in which Instructors from Qualcomm taught them AR techniques and demonstrated APPs.
Hammad Kabir, Director Marketing Djuice Pakistan in a message at the launch said:

[pull_quote_center]“I am a technology guy myself and I always like innovations, My advice to all the students will be to spend at least 80 % of your time on the ideas and the rest on development, It’s the idea which sells, and we need to be very strong and simple in our ideas, he quoted examples of Facebook, Twitter etc “[/pull_quote_center]

Mustafa Jamshed Gillani, Manager Value Added Services Djuice In a message said:

[pull_quote_center]“Djuice in collaboration with Qualcomm is committed to provide students a platform from where they can grow and rise, it’s such a tremendous opportunity that anyone can be Entrepreneur by developing a simple an amazing App and do wonders, he showed some stats to the students as well from the Mobile Phone Platforms, Smart Phones Penetration etc which can be very useful for their success. ”[/pull_quote_center]


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