Beware! Drivers of Online Taxi Services are Minting Extra Money from You

While ride-hailing apps have provided an easy transport facility to the citizens, incidents of crime also keep surfacing with the users of these services. Such incidents have raised concerns among the users of ride-hailing apps while the lack of cooperation on the part of the service is also alarming. This time the issue lies with the drivers of online taxi services in Pakistan.

From last some months, many people using the ride-hailing services reported that they are charged more than they expected. However, it was considered regular customer-company arguments which were going on since the app ride-booking services came to Pakistan. However, in actual it was much more than it. The FIA has arrested four men who were mining extra money from passenger through fraudulent means. All the four-member were arrested from Lahore for looting citizens through a bogus online taxi hiring system marking the biggest fraud ever.

Drivers of Online Taxi Services have Fake GPRS System

This group of boys was able to earn Rs 2.5 million by getting more than double the fare from hundreds of citizens. According to FIA, some of the employees of these online taxi services are mining extra money from people through a fake GPRS system.

When a passenger books a ride, the captain of the car turns on this system which shows a distance of 10 km between 20km and 30km. This results in increased fares and passengers are forced to pay the increased amount.

Deputy Director, Mohammad Usman from Lahore Cyber Crime Wing Dept. had constituted a team to find out the defaulters. Four people, including Ahmed Raza, Abdul Moiz, Bilal and Mohsin, were taken into custody.

According to the officer from cybercrime wing department, Bilal and Mohsin are the employees of the online taxi service. These employees were reopening the IDs blocked by their company.

So here is a big question mark for the operational ride-hailing services in Pakistan. Are these companies have not taken any precautionary measure to save the people who are using their services with trust?

Fizza Atique

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