Dropbox Spaces Bring Important Improvement for Teamwork

Dropbox Spaces also added new features and enhancements to improve teamwork. As a virtual working shared space, Dropbox space was released last year. The new spaces have many interconnected sections. Teams may use Dropbox Space for content sharing, communication, and project management. Users should not have to jump between apps to view files and anything available on one device. The upgraded Dropbox Spaces are now available in private beta but will soon be introduced more widely.

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Dropbox Spaces Brings Important Improvement to enhance Collaboration between Groups/Teams.

Dropbox Spaces combines a single space where Teams can view files, cloud content, tasks, comments, and timelines. Users should build tasks and post them on the same virtual surface with their teams so that everybody can access them. You will see who anyone is interested in and who has access to space.

Dropbox Space

The improved Dropbox space allows users to prioritize their work by creating tasks, project milestones, and schedule management. It provides a single picture of high priority assignments such that you can plan accordingly. In a list or calendar mode, you can categorize and view project activities. Users will post, track, and respond to the notifications directly within the team using drop-box spaces.

“Since its introduction last year, Spaces has evolved to become a standalone, virtual workspace. The new Spaces brings projects and teams together so you can collaborate efficiently from kickoff to delivery,” Dropbox noted in a blog post.

Dropbox Space

Google Docs, Excel Spreadsheets, JPEG files, and Trello boards may be attached to a particular location in some content formats without withdrawing from the original location. Dropbox said that even after projects have finished, spaces would be accessible.

The new Dropbox Space is now available in private beta, as mentioned above. You should go to this link to request access.

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