Now You Can Easily Edit Files On Web With Dropbox's Extension Feature

Dropbox is a service that had been designed to reduce the work load. It allows you to bring your all important files and documents in one place. Furthermore, it can easily sync those important files across all your devices so that you can access them anywhere anytime. Recently, Dropbox has introduced a new feature called “Extensions” that lets the users easily edit their files. Dropbox’s Extension Feature will make your work easier.

Dropbox’s Extension Feature Will Let You Do Anything Without Leaving The App

We all know that whenever we need to do anything with the files stored in cloud storage, we have to launch other apps. In addition to that, we have to download and re-upload them in the process. That was a bit lengthy and boring procedure so now Dropbox On Web has resolved this issue for you. They have introduced a new Extensions system. These new Software Extensions will now allow you to do all of the things you need to do without leaving Dropbox at all.
Dropbox's Extension Feature
These are the third-party software plug-ins that let you perform basic tasks. These extensions will let you get the required digital signatures on a PDF. In addition to that, you can also do some photo and video editing. The good part is that this is now all possible without leaving Dropbox. The newly edited files can then be stored in the cloud storage immediately.
These Extensions will launch for all users on November 27. You can then find them by using an “open with” drop-down menu. In addition to that, Dropbox is also planning to Partner with famous firms like Google and Microsoft. Their aim is to bring all the file management Apps and services to the Dropbox ecosystem. Let’s see what new comes together with these extensions on Nov 27.

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