Dota 2 Hero Guide- Drow Ranger

Hero Build, Tips And Tricks

Whatever hero you have, whatever build you create the most important rule is to utilize the hero’s abilities in the right manner. But yes the hero-build matters a lot in Dota 2.Of all the builds I have been through this in my point of view is something that suits my playing style with Drow Ranger. I consider it to be the Best Drow Ranger build if coupled with a few playing techniques. I will also be sharing Tips And Tricks to play with Drow Ranger in Dota 2.

Best Drow Ranger Build:

This Build is preferably a ‘Drow Ranger Mid Lane Build’ but it can be used for any lane basically.

Dota 2 Hero Guide- Drow Ranger Hero Build, Tips And Tricks

Drow Ranger Tree Upgrade:

This is the most prefered tree upgrade the only situational change that can be made is for the last upgrade. You can choose ‘50% Cooldown Reduction’ rather than ‘+25% Precision Aura Attack Speed’ if you are already on the winning edge and do not require the extra attack.

Dota 2 Hero Guide- Drow Ranger Hero Build, Tips And Tricks

Drow Ranger Ability Upgrade:

Each level up comes with an option to upgrade one of your hero’s ability. So here is the best-suited upgrade pattern to follow for Drow Ranger.

Level 1 > 3

Level 2> 1

Level 3> 2

Level 4 & 5> 3

Level 6> 4

Level 7> 3

Level 8 to 11> Toggle between 1& 2, opt for the tree whenever available 10 onwards.

Level 12 to 25> Keep ‘4’ as your priority, then the tree and then the remaining abilities as per the situation.

Tips And Tricks To Play Drow Ranger:

Ranged and Agility heroes such as Drow Ranger are meant to be played safe and not to jump into battles. Here are a few tips and tricks to master in order to play like a professional with drow ranger.

1. Always play while staying near the tower and keep on taunting your enemy.

2. Be patient. Wait for the right time to go forth and attack. The right time is basically when you have taunted the enemy to the extent that their power is very low.

3. Learn the art of hiding in the trees. Hide, Aim, Wind And Attack!

4. Always carry a Town portal scroll. If you have enough money by the end of the game you can replace Power Trends with Travel Boots.

5. Never walk ahead or on the side with your team. Always stay a step back or be hidden so that if it is an ambush you can decide and fight well or run.


This was all for drow ranger. Hope it helps you to play Drow as a Pro. Do share your experience using this build. Will be coming up with other Hero Builds.

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