Top 7 DSLR Tips And Tricks

Upgrade Your Photography Skills

Howdy! I have been YouTubing, researching and practising different DSLR tips and tricks lately to take stunning photos without having to edit them. So, I decided to share a few useful DSLR basic Top 7 DSLR Tips And Tricks with you to take your photography to a new level.

Grab on tight for we are onto a bumpy photography ride from noob to pro! In here, you will find DSLR tips and tricks, DSLR manual settings guide, DSLR basic Settings, Framing ideas and different DSLR modes, background blur, motion background blur and much more.

1.Plain Background

My first tip is to get a clear and beautiful picture of the intended object and looking for a clear, plain background can be a very useful tip for making your object stand out. Have a look at this photograph below it is simple yet beautiful and not at all cluttered with unnecessary background items.

Top 7 DSLR Tips And Tricks

You don’t always need to move your object in front of a clear background and mostly you don’t have an option to do so but what you can do is:

  • Take your photo from a lower angle, keeping the main object in the centre of your frame to make the sky or ceiling your background
    Top 7 DSLR Tips And Tricks
    PC: Filtergrade
  • Take your photo from a higher angle to make the flooring your background.
    Top 7 DSLR Tips And Tricks
    PC: Aliexpress

    Either way, your object will be more specified and the picture will come out to be more dynamic.

2.Background blur

Background blur is something we all like. So, here is how to blur the background using DSLR. There are three things you need to do:

  • Switch to AV or A Mode of your camera.
  • Zoom to the maximum limit of your lense.
  • Set your camera to its lowest aperture number, you do so by rotating your lens to the lowest number it has to offer or some cameras have it in their settings or a rotating nob. Just look for the aperture number in your camera represented by an F and set it to the lowest.
    Top 7 DSLR Tips And Tricks
    70 for instance here. PC: indiamart

    And here is the result you get from it!

Top 7 DSLR Tips And Tricks
PC: ali_butt.1


3. Closeups

What can be better than closeup shots!? Here are a few tips to help you take those close-ups like a pro!

  1. Extend your lens to its maximum limit. Zoom Max.
  2. Move closer to the object until the desired frame is achieved.
  3. Set your aperture by rotating your lens to the lowest.
  4. CLICK!


Top 7 DSLR Tips And Tricks
PC: ali_butt.1

4. Burst Mode

It is a setting in your DSLR, this mode is also known as Sports Mode. It is basically to capture moving objects like people running, or cars, or a busy street. Just shift to the mode when you have to capture moving objects and it lets you shoot continuos shots out of which you can later decide and choose the best one.

5. Low Angled Portraits

Portraits are the most valued yet the most tricky form of photographs you might wish to take. Well, there may be a separate blog on how to capture portraits like a pro but for now, here is this single tip related to portrait photos.

You may be longer or shorter than your model, due to which the shot taken might not give the kind of power to your model in the frame as it should be. So the tip is to move to a lower angle than your model, kneel down to one knee and then capture from that angle.

In this picture below, the photographer sure will be longer than the child and if he wouldn’t have kneeled down he won’t be able to centre the child and the goat in the middle of the frame and perfectly horizontal. Which in turn would have resulted in a high angle photograph of the two.


Top 7 DSLR Tips And Tricks
PC: muazasim

It is preferable you use AV or A mode with the lowest aperture.

6. Sharp Objects with background motion blur

Here is another tip to blur the background of your photos. Only that this time the background is motion blur and the object in front is moving, giving an overall dynamic outlook of the photo.

The technique used for motion blur is known as panning. What you have to do is select a moving object you wish to capture then trace its path and Click! And the result will be somewhat like this photo shown below.

Try capturing such photographs at dusk or dawn, in short, in low light and you will be amazed!

Top 7 DSLR Tips And Tricks
PC: photographystackexchange


7. Take control Of Your Picture Brightness

All of the above-mentioned photography tips and tricks will go to vain if you do not follow this one thing, that is controlling your photo brightness.

Each photo may come to life if favourable brightness level is available. But unfortunately that isn’t always the case, nature is sometimes too bright or too dark to shoot. Changing brightness in your DSLR is very simple:

  • Switch to P Mode.
  •  Either there will be a +/- button or a wheel through which you may be able to control the brightness then.

Below is a very good example of a photo whos brightness has been reduced to create this kind of effect. However, it is a bit treated to add that vibrant colours touch in the clouds.

Top 7 DSLR Tips And Tricks
PC: ali_butt.1


So, these were all my DSLR tips and tricks for beginners. Hope you like them when you try them and do let me know if they proved to be useful for you!

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