Due to COVID-19, Smartphones Q2-2020 Sale decreased by 20%: Gartner Reported

In the second quarter of 2020, worldwide smartphone revenues fell by 20.4% due to COVID-19, Gartner reported. The Gartner claims the pandemic of corona-virus is now impacting the phone industry. The phone industry continues to be affected by the corona-virus pandemic, the research firm says, with sales worldwide falling to 295 million. Although that is certainly a great number, it’s a more decline as compared to the 370 million handsets shipped during the same period in 2019.

Samsung had seen biggest drop in sales from the top five smartphone vendors. In the second quarter, the company sold approximately 55 million smartphones and fell by 27.1%. Earlier this year, the company launched its Galaxy S20.

The worst COVID-19 results reported by the top five smartphone vendors

Huawei ended up right next to Samsung, shipping about 54.13 million Smartphones in the year. Huawei’s sales were actually 6.8% overall, but its figures remained strong enough to indicate that the total market share of the company was growing. Also, Sales between Q1 and Q2 have risen by 27.4 percent.

Apple has made the best of its top five manufacturers with a decrease of only 0.4% year-on-year. The launch of second-generation iPhone SE and an improved business environment in China contributed to the Cupertino-based company throughout the quarter. according to Gartner’s Research Vice President, Annette Zimmermann.

During the second quarter, global mobile sales nearly reflected what we had in the first quarter, with just 0.2% of sales in Q2-2020.

“COVID-19 pandemic caused its worst-ever decline in the global smartphone market. Leading Chinese manufacturers and Apple were severely impacted and decreased market value due to temporary closures of their factories in China and reduced consumer spending due to the global shelter-in-place.”, said Gartner’s senior research analyst.

China dropped 7 percent for the quarter in terms of markets. In the meantime, India has seen the highest decline by 46%, due to lockdown policies.

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