Dust Off Your PlayStation 5 As Sony Announces 14 New Video Games

PlayStation recently kicked off its second State of Play event of the year. The rapid-fire showcase was held on 30 / 31 May depending on region. It featured 14 different titles across 30 minutes, offering a teaser of what’s on its way for gaming fans. Several big announcements and trailers were revealed during the event. Moreover, there were also fresh looks at upcoming titles including the highly anticipated Monster Hunter Wilds, the Silent Hill 2 remake, God of War Ragnarok, etc. PlayStation 5 users! Brace Yourselves as 14 new video games are on their way! 

Sony Announces 14 New Video Games For PlayStation 5

Let’s discuss all newly announced PlayStation 5 Games one by one!


First up was Concord. It is a PvP first-person shooter from Firewalk Studios. It looks like Overwatch meets Guardians of the Galaxy. A beta version of this game will make its way to PS5 and PC in July. The game will launch on Aug 23.

God of War: Ragnarok on PC

YouTube 4mVaKztSoJM


The highly anticipated action-adventure game will hit your PC on Sept 19.

Dynasty Warriors: Origins

YouTube QU48saHVmh4

Dynasty Warriors: Origins seems to be a dedicated follow-up to the long-running series that invented the “musou” genre of outrageous hack-and-slash action games. It will come out in 2025.

Infinity Nikki

YouTube d0oiJJRZF4IInfinity Nikki is a new open-world sequel to a series of Chinese mobile games. It primarily focuses on stylishly dressing up the main character. It looks like a refreshing break from games about running around and killing people.

Ballad of Antara

YouTube baOokyTUX_kBallad of Antara is a neat-looking fantasy action game from TipWorks Studio. It will come to PS5 in 2025.


YouTube hTmjjzwSp-E


Behemoth is a new VR fantasy action game. It will let you fulfill your dreams of hacking away at bad guys with swords bows and arrows. and everything else they use in fantasy fiction. If you still have a PSVR2 lying around, you might play it on that when it launches this fall.

Alien: Rogue Incursion

PlayStation 5

It’s a first-person Alien horror game in VR. It sounds thrilling and terrifying, depending on who you happen to be.

Marvel Rivals

YouTube XSuj5KD17XsSony announced two Overwatch clones in one State of Play stream. It features all your favorite Marvel heroes. Its closed beta test on PS5 will be starting in July.

Where Winds Meet

PlayStation 5

Where Winds Meet is an open-world action game where you can do martial arts.

Until Dawn remake

PlayStation 5


Until Dawn is a celebrity-filled horror select-your-own-adventure game for PlayStation 4. It has been a big hit. Now, it’s coming to PS5 and PC with improved visuals later this year.

Path of Exile 2

YouTube JUUXKN7Kh9YPath of Exile has garnered a big fanbase primarily on PC in recent years. It is a Diablo-like gameplay and an intimidatingly large skill tree. Its sequel is coming to consoles in late 2024.

Silent Hill 2 remake

PlayStation 5


Silent Hill 2 is a psychological horror masterpiece and one of the best games in its series for two decades.

Monster Hunter Wilds

PlayStation 5It is Capcom’s esteemed monster-slaying series. It has a big old open world for players to explore.

Astro Bot

PlayStation 5


Last but not least is Astro Bot. It is a fully fleshed-out sequel to the PS5 pack-in game Astro’s Playroom. It’s an extremely adorable 3D platformer starring a fun little robot that Sony needed to adopt as a mascot yesterday. Sony confirmed this is a full-length game that will launch on Sept. 6.

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