Dutch Students Invented A Car With Unique CO2 Filter

In this blog, I am going to share a piece of very interesting news with you all. Have you ever thought of a car that captures more CO2 than it emits? No way, Right? Recently, we have come to know that a group of Dutch students in Eindhoven has developed a car that captures more C02 than it produces. The best part about it is that the car can even turn the captured C02 back into energy.

Dutch Students Have Developed An Environment-Friendly Car

We all know that cars are not actually good for the environment as they play an important role in causing air pollution. You have not heard of cars that they are not bad for the environment. Have you? However, today, I’ll be discussing the car recently invented by a group of Dutch students that have a very unique CO2 Filter and is actually not bad for the environment in terms of pollution.

The all-new car was designed by the student team TU/Eco-motive from the Eindhoven University of Technology. Called “Zem”. It features a filter in front, which collects C02 as you drive around. It is quite similar to the Dutch bike invention.

Unique filter

The best part about the car is its filter. The special C02 filter is the only thing that makes the car unique in the world. The dutch students claim that they have been greatly inspired by the Dutch Lightyear One car, which also has its roots at the Eindhoven University of Technology.

Driving the car for 20,000 kilometers ended up to capture only about two kilograms of C02. It is a major step in the direction of sustainable transport indeed. The Dutch team is currently in the process of developing and pitching their prototype of the C02 filter charging station to manufacturers.

It all sounds quite good while writing. Isn’t it? The question that arises here is what if you can’t afford a whole new car but want to be more environmentally friendly? It is quite clear from the above discussion that the unique filter is the most important part of the car. So, all we need is the filter itself.  Now, the Dutch students are looking into how they can produce the filter alone and place them in already existing/old cars. The main goal is now to have C02-capture filters installed in every car as a basic part of everyday transportation. It sounds really amazing! If they all succeed in making such filters, then it will surely bring a revolution in the automobile industry.

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