E-Challan is the New Pick of Mobile millennium

E-Challan is the New Pick of Mobile millennium. Traffic Challan using Android phones

The landscape of mobile technology is a fast paced ever changing world. We can easily forecast that the dramatic rise of smartphones usage isn’t going to slow down any time soon.

Pakistan is going more technical these days and our government is adopting all new technologies which can save time and can outputs good revenue to overall growth, one great example is the changing face of traffic monitoring system.

Cellular phone technology in Pakistan has bypassed several attempts to construct dedicated infrastructure systems to monitor traffic. Today, GPS equipped smartphones are progressively morphing into an ever-present traffic monitoring system, with the potential to provide information almost everywhere in the transportation network.

Pakistani Government is going to take one more step towards achieving more overall revenue for proper growth of country. This time, Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) has developed and deployed new ticket charging system for traffic violations that uses android phones and Bluetooth printer to get the job done. The new electronic challan systems will facilitate Police Officers to charge traffic violation tickets on the spot.


How will it works:

  • This new system works with the help of an android app, where the traffic officer enters the driving license number of the violator in an Android app to match the number with the central database for authenticity. After authentication the type of violation is input in the system to ultimately get a printed ticket through Bluetooth enabled portable printer.


Best part of this new system is its compatibility with Credit/Debit cards, by these citizens will be allowed to pay the fine on spot and get their license back. Plus, with the deployment of E-challan system, the individual log of violations against each driver can be easily maintained.


This is considered as an appreciative effort by the government of Pakistan, where traffic police is trying to integrate latest technology with their daily routines. Doing so will not only increase their overall performance (speed and accuracy) but will also affect nations overall income to great extent.

E-Challan Technology comes with:

  • Unique E-Challan device with GPS-GIS connectivity
  • All time connection with main server
  • Electronically generated fine slips
  • Pre-loaded with all deriving license and other paper details
  • Credit/Debit card compatibility
  • Fast and accurate
  • Very rare cases of fraud
  • Driver can pay the ticket charges to get the license back.

The new gadgets will replace all old paper challan system which was implemented with help of paper sheets.
Technology adoption has the potential to improve traffic enforcement, this new electronic system of charging tickets will not only speed-up the whole process, but will bring in more transparency to once notorious traffic ticketing system.
The e-challan system is only the first step. We can also forecast that Government would soon be getting laser speed guns and a new generation of traffic enforcement devices.

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