Top 7 Learning Apps for Kids Educational Needs

This is a technological world and our generations are becoming more tech-savvy with the advent of new technologies. One of the technologies that have taken over everything is Mobile phone. Gone are days when kids used to play with toys, board and outdoor games. Now the overall attention has shifted to the smart devices which remain in the hands every time. These devices, be it mobile phones or tablets have many disadvantages however if used in the right way one can also cherish its advantages. The bloom of mobile phones opened u new opportunities to App developers as well who loaded the app store with plenty of app for learning, entertainment and other purposes. Since almost kids of all ages have easy access to mobile phones these days, in order to make their usage safe, we can divert their attention towards the good game on mobile phones that act as a great source for their learning as well as entertainment. Since the two operating systems are widely used, Android and iOS, we will be providing the list of best Learning Apps for Kids that are available on the app stores of both platforms.

These Learning Apps for Kids are the Best Source of Education

Now many people would be thinking that why these apps are important. Basically, in order to keep kids occupied when they are done with school, there should be things that provide them with learning opportunities. However, as there are thousands of such app available on the app store, it’s nearly impossible to decide which app is worth downloading and enjoyable for your kids.

So we have done research and used these apps ourselves and have reached to a conclusion that the below-mentioned apps are best apps for kids in 2019.

ABC Mouse:

This is one of the best informative add for kids. As the name reveals, this app is specially designed for toddlers between ages 2-5. Due to the colourful interface, kids are usually attracted to the app.

Math Ninja:

The best thing about this app is that it is great for learning purpose as it offers storyline videos along with quizzes and other activities for learning. The virtual Map outlining keeps your kids engaged for a long time. The app is free for one month’s however after that one has to purchase $10. Month subscription.

Get it for: iOS or Android


Due to mobile phones, the habit of reading books is going away somewhere. However in order to keep it alive, one should opt for this app. It is an e-book library that has more than 35,000 books having reading feature. In order to build the habit of reading in your kids, this is one the best apps.

Top 7 Learning Apps for Kids Educational Needs

The app is suitable for ages 2-12 years and one can choose the difficulty level according to their kid’s age. EPIC offers one-month free subscription but after this time period, one has to pay $8/month.

Get it for: iOS or Android

Hungry Caterpillar Play School:

This app is specially designed for children who are getting ready to be admitted in preschool or those who are already going there can also enjoy it. This learning app has five learning areas for kids to know new things in a playful manner. It offers shapes, colours, alphabets, numbers, books, reading and puzzles. The app uses bright colour in order to attract kids towards it while they are using it.

Top 7 Learning Apps for Kids Educational Needs

This app will be useful for children aged between 1-5. One can download this app for free but since its paid one can opt for the monthly subscription which is $6/month and yearly subscription which is $50/year.

Get it for: iOS, Android

Starfall ABCs:

As the name suggests, this app is specifically for learning English letter, vowels and words. One of the best thing about this app is that it helps kids make letters just like scrabble game.  This app includes sign language alphabets as well. These features are equally available in free version however if you opt for the paid one you can get some extra social skills and math. However free version itself is pretty good to be used.

Top 7 Learning Apps for Kids Educational Needs

The apps are most suitable for kids between age 2-5 however if you want to buy monthly subscription it will cost you $35/year which is not too much.

Get it for: iOS or Android

Elmo Loves 123s:

Elmo is the favourite character of kids for sesame streets. As kids love to see him, this app is specially designed to make learning easier and fun-filled activity. Elmo Loves 123s uses this character to make kids excited about the number, shapes and also help them learn to count.

Top 7 Learning Apps for Kids Educational Needs

The app is designed in such a way that when kids start using it, it’s nearly impossible for them to exit the app. It means they cannot go here and there on your app and will get locked inside the app. This app is appropriate for kids aged between 2-5 years. The subscription cost of this app is nominal so one can easily enjoy it by paying only $5 every month.

Get it for: iOS, Android,


If you are looking for the best learning apps for kids of 2 to 10 years, this is the best app. It supports a variety of languages such as Spanish, French, German, Irish and English etc. This app is completely free to use and download. If you want your kids to learn multiple languages, this is one of the best platforms.

Top 7 Learning Apps for Kids Educational Needs

This app also helps kids with learning new things and recognizing new objects.

Get it for: iOS, Android,

Math Ninja:

Do you want your kids to master mathematics? If yes, this is the best app one can have. This app makes children learn the basics of addition, subtraction, and multiplication by designing various games built for learning purposes.

Top 7 Learning Apps for Kids Educational Needs

This app has user-friendly interfaces and can keep your children busy for some good amount of time. The app is totally free to be downloaded and used.

Get it for: iOS, Android,

The Take-Away:

Above mentioned were our favourite apps and believe me they can do wonders and are far much better than using mobile for watching cartoons and poems. These apps not only provide your kids with the best learning opportunities but also prepare them the face the world with enthusiasm having better knowledge than other kids.

So these were the apps that we think are the best for kids however if you have better options feel free to share it with us.

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