Educational Based Event By Microsoft, On November 9th

Microsoft announced that it will have an educational event on November 9th, which is just a few hours away. The subject of Microsoft’s event is education technology. It will begin at 12 p.m. ET.

As per their blog post, the event will provide a chance to share an inside glimpse at the newest technological solutions while evaluating learning gaps created by the epidemic. At the conference, we will be able to hear Microsoft experts, educational authorities, and a few special guests, they will talk about several technological solutions.  The attendees will also learn regarding fresh and innovative Microsoft Education technologies.

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Educational Based Event By Microsoft, On November 9th

Windows 11, the company’s next major operating system, was launched just a month earlier. Presumably Microsoft will disclose more information about its future education-focused improvements for Windows 11.

Microsoft’s focus on the terms “new and current technologies” raises some concerns; possibly it indicates that brand new hardware announcements will also take place at the event. Microsoft unveiled a slew of new products at its 2021’s event around a week ago. The brand keeps their customers updated from revealing ideas to improve Excel by providing a new JavaScript API to the spreadsheet software to sharing plans for 3d Metaverse apps for Xbox and gaming, and then to the new Azure that utilizes open Ai’s GPT-3 language tech.

The most surprising fact during the Ignite event was Microsoft’s ambitions to fight with Facebook’s Meta in the battle to the Metaverse with 3D avatars and more. Following all of the recent discoveries, it appears that the firm is not yet finished launching new hardware in 2021. In any case, Microsoft supporters are keeping their hope alive as they wait to see what Microsoft will do.

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