Top 5 Educational Sites For Kids with Fun and Activity

In this world of technology and education is much more than random book reading. Now all good educational institutes have adopted modern means of education and have stopped producing book worms. Tablets have replaced books and have introduced new ways of learning for this generation. However, parents should also invest wisely in children education and at the same time educate them with some fun activities. This can be done easily nowadays as there are thousands of educational sites for kids of all ages that not only enter some knowledge in kids but also make them feel that they are playing a game.


So here are the 5 Educational Sites for Kids

The list of educational sites designed for kids is mentioned below:


It is the perfect platform if you want your kid to be aware of current affairs. So if your child loves reading and watching the news, go for DOGO News. It is a kid-friendly news site, which will perfectly give knowledge to curious minds. The Articles on this site are written keeping in view the younger target audience


If your kid has the habit of asking too many questions, this is the best selection for you. SO for any tough question, your kid can opt for this site and it will perfectly solve his issues. This site also contains some good hacks videos that can further enhance your children’s skill. So personally it is my favorite site and I would recommend it to all parents.


SO if you are one of those parents who love to watch their kids reading some good stuff, it is for you. No doubt, its never too early to read. So rather than putting your kid on the book, this site will have better information regarding different aspects plus the articles are written and designed keeping in view the overall theme that is kids.

 Cool Math Games

THis is the best website if you want to nurture your kid’s calculation skills. This site is very interesting and amuses little mathematicians helping them learn logic and strategy with skill games adding fun to the overall activity.

BrainPOP/BrainPOP Jr

It is a versatile site that helps kids of kindergarten to 12th grade to get lots of educational activities, game, and videos on the site. The games on these sites are related to maths, social studies, science, and history.

If you have some better site to add to the list, let us know in the comments section below.


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