Electric Car Charging Station about to launch in Pakistan

Ministry of Science and Technology, Fawad Chaudhry in a tweet posted Monday said, “Highly thrilled to see the launch of Islamabad Attock Oil’s first Electric Car Charging Station open its signature EV charging facility at Jinnah Avenue Islamabad”. 

He said, “It was another aim of the Ministry of Science and Technology to promote e-vehicles as potential transport.” Electric vehicles are eco-friendly and have been very much in the auto industry debate. The opening of charging stations would no doubt improve the country’s electric car industry. 

In a reply to the Minister ‘s tweet, a social media user said, “Sir, I had a valid question, if you can somehow answer that, I think Dr. Attaur Rehman is a genius and our country must use his talent and expertise for Pakistan’s growth, my question was whether or not Dr. Attaur Rehman works with the government?

How Electric Car Works/Charges?

Electric battery vehicles, or BEVs, use electricity stored in a battery pack to drive an electric motor and switch wheels on. When exhausted, the power provided either from a wall socket or from a dedicated charging unit using grid electricity. Since they do not run on petrol or diesel and are powered entirely by electricity, electric battery cars and trucks are known as “all-electric” vehicle.  

The Minister of Science and Technology also said, “We have already a unit for the production of vehicles and it is expected the First output will be later this year. 

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