Elon Musk assures the reversal of Twitter’s ban on Donald Trump

Tesla CEO Elon Musk had bought 9.2% stake in Twitter and later on offered a huge amount of $44 billion to buy the company which made stakeholders to persuade Jack Dorsey of Twitter, the CEO to ponder upon selling the company. The meetings and dealings started between Elon Musk and the company’s shareholders since many weeks. It is still time to own the company fully till the stakeholders will approve his case. Within the next two to three months, he will get complete ownership of the company. He has now given a statement that Twitter’s decision to ban the former US president Donald Trump was morally bad and foolish in its extreme and after the takeover of this giant social media platform will complete, he will reverse the ban on Donald Trump.

Twitter had permanently banned him in January 2021 due to his repetitive violation of company’s rules. Twitter was also of this point of view that he used to inspire people to replicate criminal acts. If we see the previous acts and history, Elon Musk is bold in his tweets in similar way as was Donald Trump. And same happened with Musk when he started commenting openly about the wrong policy of Twitter, the company criticized him. Both the tycoons have more or less similar nature and they both wanted freedom of speech on Twitter.

Twitter’s ban on Donald Trump to be lifted up

Musk has the point of view that even if Twitter had banned Trump, the act didn’t result in Donald having a voice so it was a wrong decision to be taken on the company’s part. Trump was so upset and pissed off that he started his own platform named Truth Social Network which is still struggling to get famous after its startup. It is difficult yet to get near to Twitter at the moment. Trump had said at that time that even if Twitter will reverse the ban, he will not return to this social media platform and will stick to his own startup.

If Donald trump returns to Twitter, it will surely help him to influence a large mass on the platform for the next upcoming presidential election in 2024.

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