Facebook Messenger & Instagram won’t get end-to-end encryption until 2023

Meta doesn’t plan to roll out end-to-end encryption by default on Facebook messenger and Instagram until 2023.  Last year, the company has merged its messenger and Instagram chats as a part of its plan to create a unified messaging service for all its platforms.

The main issue is that the messages sent through messenger and Instagram can be end-to-end encrypted but this option doesn’t turn on by default and we should not be expecting them till 2023. On the other hand, their sister platform WhatsApp offers end-to-end encryption.

The wait for end-to-end encryption is not going to End Soon

E2EE means that only the sender and receiver can view the messages sent. The Meta head of safety Antigone Davis, reveals that the delay is due to the concerns related to users’ safety. According to him, the company wants to ensure that this encryption doesn’t stop the ability to find out criminal activities through its platform. While telling about it, he said that

“ The company will use a combination of non-encrypted data across our apps, account information and reports from users” to help keep them safe, all while “assisting public safety efforts.”

While previously, Meta had revealed that end-to-end encryption for both these platforms will be available in 2022. But now Davis has revealed that the company plans to delay this feature until 2023 for the public good.

While Davis is also right, the company should understand that people need privacy especially from a platform(company) that has previously leaked the important information of users. Having said that, the company should focus on finding the right solution quicker than making us wait for so long.

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