Engro Foods opens its doors to Punjab Parliamentarians to win trust through transparency

Engro Foods believes in winning trust through transparency and they opened the doors of their Sahiwal Plant and their supplier dairy farm in Sahiwal to the parliamentarians of Punjab Assembly. The delegation of parliamentarians who visited Engro Foods was Sadia Sohail Rana, Rafya Kamal, Nabila Hakim Ali from PTI, Rahila Khadim Hussain & Shameela Aslam from PML(N), Faiza Malik from PPP and Syed Hamid Falki, Director Parliamentary Affairs -Punjab Youth Council.

The purpose of this visit was to win trust through transparency by showing the entire process from grass to glass. Starting right from the animal welfare and best dairy farming practices employed at the farms supplying milk to Engro Foods, to milk quality checks at the milk collection center and plant for processing of raw milk into finished products. The parliamentarians were introduced to the entire process that ensures a smooth running of Engro Foods operations.

Engro Foods opens its doors to Punjab Parliamentarians to win trust through transparency

The delegation was briefed and familiarized to the milk procurement channels employed by EFL and their efforts to revolutionize the dairy sector of Pakistan by empowering the farmers with best dairy farming practices. During the field visit, the parliamentarians experienced first-hand the ways and practices employed at Engro Foods supply value chain. From visiting a commercial dairy farm to a milk collection center and processing plant the entire process was regarded as very informative as the parliamentarians showed deep interest.

On this occasion, Syed Saud Ahmed Pasha, Director for Agriculture Business of Engro Foods Limited stated, “EFL continuously works towards the improvement of the dairy sector in Pakistan. With this visit, we display complete transparency of our entire process. Having parliamentarians visit our dairy farm and plant, gives us a great platform to show how our products are processed and the practices we employ to provide safe and better nutrition to Pakistan. We have shared the initiatives we are working on to create sustainable livelihoods for farmers and more employment opportunities for the people of Pakistan through milk collection centers, distributors and allied services. All products of Engro foods are processed by employing the best global practices of food safety & nutrition”

The field visit was highly appreciated by all the parliamentarians. On the occasion some of them expressed their pride in being part of the plant visit:

“Seeing is believing. The visit to Engro Foods Limited plant in Sahiwal made it evident that EFL ensures a clean environment at its factories using the best formulation practices for its products. EFL works towards providing better nutrition for the world by producing the best quality food products.”

  • Nabila Hatim Ali Khan (PTI)

“I already trusted Engro Foods Ltd. with their manufacturing processes and after the visit to their Sahiwal plant, I have been assured that EFL uses the safe and healthy process to provide the best quality products and hence, better nutrition to the country.”

  • Raheela Khadim Hussain (PML-N)

“After visiting the Engro Foods plant in Sahiwal today, we got a closer look at Engro’s commitment to milk safety, aimed to improve living standards in Pakistan. We are delighted to have well-established companies like these in Pakistan and especially thrilled because Engro started locally and has now become a multi-national company.”

  • Sania Rana (PTI)

“Our visit to the Engro Foods plant in Sahiwal was innovative and enlightening. The hygienic manufacturing practices adopted by EFL make it easier for us, as consumers to trust the company’s products.”

  • Faiza Ahmed Malik (PPP)

“As part of my profession, I work on Sustainability and Environment Planning. After visiting the EFL plant and observing their manufacturing practices, I am thoroughly proud of the company’s growth over the years and can ensure that Engro Foods offers products that meet international quality standards.”

  • Raafia Kamal (PTI)

The delegation appreciated EFL’s commitment to milk safety and quality standards and the revolutionary commitment of Engro Foods to strengthen Pakistan’s dairy sector. EFL’s continuous efforts for improving the standards of living in Pakistan were highly commended by the Parliamentarians.

About Engro Foods Limited:

Engro Foods Limited (EFL) is one of the largest dairy nutrition experts in Pakistan. Driven with the core purpose of Nourishing by Nature, which means better nutrition for Pakistan, good living for our farmers, now & for generations to come. It is a subsidiary of a Dutch Dairy cooperative, Royal Friesland Campina, the 6th largest dairy company in the world, owned by 19,000 farmers and operating in 32 countries globally.  The products and brands of FrieslandCampina are available in 100 countries globally serving millions of consumers every day. Friesland Campina owns controlling shares of Engro Foods Limited, a public listed company incorporated under the Companies Ordinance, 1984, with shares quoted on the Pakistan Stock Exchange. Engro Foods also owns one of Pakistan’s largest commercial dairy farm with 6,500 cows near Sukkur in Nara. EFL’s product portfolio comprises some of the country’s most reliable and best-selling brands including Olper’s, Olper’s ProCal+, Olper’s Cream, Olpers Tarka, Dairy Omung, Omung Dobala, Omore, and Tarang.

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