Enjoy 8 Mbps internet in the price of 4 Mbps

In today’s digitally connected world, having a fast and uninterrupted internet has become imperative in execution of daily tasks in everyday life. Not only for education or work, people use internet for various reasons like staying in touch with friends and family, entertainment and retail purpose. As the demand rises, so does the competition that compels different service providers to come up with attractive packages to lure customers according to their usage and tastes like students, professionals, etc.

Enjoy 8 Mbps internet in the price of 4 Mbps

PTCL recently launched its mega broadband offer that gives double the internet speed in half the price. The customers will now be able to enjoy 8 Mpbs of internet in the price of 4 Mbps i.e. Rs. 1750 (Exclusive of tax), with an added advantage of no upfront installation charges. This time you do not have to make any immediate installation payment and can have the charges adjusted in the monthly bill. To avail the offer, you can either call on 1218 or visit your nearest PTCL & Ufone service centre.

As Pakistan moves towards fiberization, PTCL already connects millions of people across Pakistan and this offer will surely attract new users as they get more in the same price.  It promises a seamless experience, along with ease and convenience for its users.

The 8 Mpbs offer is one such example of how the company is trying to bring affordable internet to its customers that are always in search for a flawless internet experience.

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