Enjoy New ‘Download Later’ Feature in Chrome Browser for Android

Chrome keeps on launching new features on and off, and this is one reason why it is the most used and versatile browser. This time Google is testing a new feature, “download later” on the Chrome Browser for Android. This feature facilitates users with scheduling downloads on mobile browsers. Users need to select dates and times whenever they want the browser to start downloading. Another option can also be chosen that allows users to download from the browser when Wi-Fi is connected.

According to a report from TechDows, The new ‘download later’ feature is being tested on version 86 of the Chrome Canary app. This version is quite unstable and is available on Google Play Store to be installed. So if you want to enjoy this new feature, you would have to download a canary app on the Android device.

How to Enable ‘Download Later’ Feature in Chrome Browser for Android

When you are done with downloading, you need to follow these steps:

  • Open Chrome Canary and type in chrome://flags.
  • Search for “Enable download later.”
  • You will see three options from a drop-down menu;
  • select “Enabled” and restart the Chrome Canary app.
  • Once you are done, whenever you try to download a webpage from Chrome, you will see the options to “Choose when to download” with Now, over Wi-Fi, and “Pick date and time” as options.

Right now, we do not have any idea when this feature will be made available to a stable version of Chrome. However, we are sure that Google will definitely tease this feature before it is ready to be launched. The main advantage of availing this feature is that whenever you want to download the content from the Chrome browser, it can be done without using your battery or data and can set date and time when Wi-Fi would be available.

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