Enjoy WhatsApp Shopping Feature with New ‘Add to Cart’ Option

With the outbreak of Covid-19, most people have shifted to digital banking and online shopping to contain the spread of this virus. Keeping in view the growing interest of people in online shopping, WhatsApp has come up with amazing shopping features. No doubt, the messaging giant is always on time, and it is evident from the multiple features launched during the last some months. WhatsApp shopping feature is planned especially to be launched during the days when Black Friday and Christmas sales have just started so that users can enjoy the most during these days.

Enjoy WhatsApp Shopping Feature with New ‘Add to Cart’ Option

The company has revealed that new carts will not be visible to users during the holiday season. If you want to enjoy shopping, users need to browse a catalogue, select the items that are to be bought and send the message regarding it to the business. That’s it, you are done. This feature will be available today globally.

The company also revealed a way to enjoy shopping on WhatsApp

How to Shop on WhatsApp for Android:

Shopping was never this much fun. If you are having an Android device, you need to follow these steps to enjoy online shopping on WhatsApp.

  • Open your WhatsApp app
  • Go to the business chat or account from where you want to shop things
  • These will be a new shopping button placed next to businesses name. Tap on that button to access the catalogue.
  • You will be directed to the catalogue. You need to browse products and select those that you want to order.
  • Add the product to the cart that you want to buy
  • Tap view cart in order to review the products you have added or to make changes.
  •  Once you’ve successfully updated your cart, you can send it to the seller as a WhatsApp message.

How to Shop on WhatsApp for iOS:

Shopping on WhatsApp is you have iOS device is, even more, easier than the Android. Follow the steps mentioned below in order to make your shopping experience memorable.

  • Open your WhatsApp App
  • Tap on the chat/ business name from where you want to order things online
  • You will see a shopping button places next to the WhatsApp business name to see the catalogue for the company.
  • A catalogue will open, you can browse the products and select ones that you would like to buy
  • Upon tapping the products you will see “add to cart” option which can be clicked for adding the product to cart
  • In order to edit/update cart, one can see the products by tapping on the cart icon.
  • When you are done with it, tap on the send icon. It will send your cart to the seller as WhatsApp message.

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