Epic games thinking to bring its ‘Biggest Royale Game’ to big screen

Fortnite already has a cinematic universe, so why not take it to the next level? According to a recent rumor, Epic is considering creating an entertainment business centered on “scripted video content,” or a ‘Fortnite Movie’.

Fortnite is definitely one of the world’s most popular games. So it’s astonishing that no attempt has been made to capitalize on that popularity with a film or television version.

Epic is gathering talent for a potential written entertainment business, according to me and @jtoonkel (think film and TV). There has been talk about making a Fortnite movie. This might be a wise way for Epic to expand in the short term while still working toward the metaverse.

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According to The Information, Epic Games’ desire to diversify was spurred by legal disputes with Apple and Google. Despite the fact that its lawsuit with Apple forced Apple to radically modify how its app store functions, Epic Games was dissatisfied with the results. Fortnite is now inaccessible on mobile devices and may remain so for the near future.

Over the last year or so, Fortnite has really stepped up the crossover content, featuring Marvel and DC characters in the battle royale game, as well as superstars like Travis Scott and Ariana Grande into the battlefield through in-game concerts and character skins. It will be interesting to see that how Fortnite movie will incorporate in already running marvel movies.

For years, movie adaptations of video games have had a bad reputation for being terrible, but recent efforts appear to have improved their popularity.

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