Epic Games won temporary restraining order against Apple

Apple tried to restrain Epic games from returning Fortnite to the App Store, and attempted to close down access to Epic creation tools which would have a huge effect on players beyond Epic. 

Apple sent a letter last week to Epic Games letting the firm know that if it fails to comply with the App Store rules and bans Fortnite ‘s direct purchase options, all of Epic’s developer accounts and connections to Apple software resources will be revoked on August 28th. 

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Shortly after the two firms met in a simulated court hearing over their pending battle over the App Store, Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers ruled that the decision by Apple to block entry by Epic Games to support Unreal Engine was “unjustified” and “provides substantial collateral harm both to the site itself and to the gaming industry in general. 

Holding the current system is also why she ruled the Apple couldn’t sever ties to the Unreal Engine right now. There it was Apple who “have opted to behave seriously” by bullying the Unreal Engine and harming all third-party game creators and the credibility of Epic. 

“Epic Games and Apple are free to condemn one another, but their disagreement does not cause havoc”, Roger writes. 

Epic also shared emails from Apple to attempt to show they misled their purpose, and sought support from Microsoft over their appeal. In-game, Epic has been very outspoken on the subject of their Nineteen Eighty-Fortnite “Live Fortnite” Cup and screening. 

The restraining order comes into action automatically and will stay in effect until the judge imposes an decision on the temporary injunction motion. 


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