Ericsson Predicts 5G Subscriptions Hitting 1 Bn Mark in 2023

Ericsson, the Telecom equipment maker foresee that there will be around 1 billion 5G subscriptions by 2023. This number is double to that announce by Ericsson in semiannual Mobility Report, for 2022. Ericsson Predicts 5G Subscriptions Hitting 1 Bn Mark in 2023.

This technology will be initially deployed in Urban areas. Ericsson announced that in 2023 more that 20% of the population will have access to 5G. 5G will be deployed in US, South Korea, Japan and China earlier.

Ericsson Predicts 5G Subscriptions Hitting 1 Bn Mark in 2023

The fifth generation network will transform our digital lives. 5G will increase download speeds to 100 times faster than today’s cellular connections and 10 times faster that the speediest broadband at home.

5G is expected to further accelerate new technologies like augmented reality. It is also said to help self driving cars send time-critical messages to one another. It will also be able to link to the network everything from pollution sensors to health monitors.

We have seen the 5G hype flourishing since one year however now we can see the early research and developments in this area. 5G networks are expected to launch in 2019. The initial deployments will include “fixed wireless” connections that brings fast broadband to your house without digging fiber optic cable. Chipset giant Qualcomm has announced that 5G will come to our phones by 2019.

In semiannual report, Ericsson also revealed that demand for mobile data is surging. It expects 110 exabytes of data per month to travel over mobile networks by 2023. That equals to 5.5 million years of streaming HD video each month.

Currently 4G LTE networks are lifting most of the traffic. Ericsson revealed that by the end of this year, 4G LTE network will be dominant mobile access technology in the world. It will reach to 5.5 billion subscription and will cover more than 85 percent of the world’s population by the end of 2023.

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