Ericsson to show the power of limitless connectivity, spurring innovation and sustainability at Expo 2020

Ericsson will be focusing on a variety of Expo themes including the UAE’s golden jubilee, travel & connectivity, health, and wellness.

Ericsson will light up the Swedish Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai by being physically present inside the pavilion for several days during 2021 and 2022. During these days, Ericsson will showcase exciting demonstrations and sessions on next-generation innovations that will address some of the planet’s most pressing issues. Ericsson will also focus on a variety of Expo themes including the United Arab Emirates’ (UAE) golden jubilee, travel & connectivity, health, and wellness.

With a renewed purpose and vision, Ericsson will address its role in the latest cellular technology developments and illustrate the positive impact of limitless connectivity on people, businesses, and the planet.

Ericsson will also highlight the role of innovation and the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector in developing a connected and sustainable world.  On October 25th, Ericsson will inaugurate its first day at the Expo in a VIP event with a line-up of local and global speakers, technology demos and also announcing exciting news.

With Expo 2020 a prime opportunity to bring ambitious minds together from across the world, it is the ideal place to address sustainability. Celebrating this year’s Sustainability Day at Expo on October 28th, Ericsson is hosting thought leadership sessions around two important themes: digital inclusion and climate action. At these sessions, Ericsson will share insights about how the ICT industry is working to achieve net-zero emissions while supporting other industries to accelerate their journey.

Following these two exciting days, Ericsson will return to the pavilion every month until  the end of the Expo in March. The days will cover different themes including the UAE’s golden jubilee, travel & connectivity, digital transformation and its impact on people, business, and society.

Wojciech Bajda, Vice President and Head of Gulf Council Countries at Ericsson Middle East and Africa says: “We are very excited to be part of the world’s major show Expo 2020. Ericsson’s participation at the Dubai Expo will highlight how technology innovation is the ultimate driver to a sustainable and connected future. We aim to use this platform to demonstrate what innovation can do to create a sustainable and a truly connected future. We will showcase our latest cellular technology use cases and conduct thought leadership sessions to highlight the opportunities available to us all in achieving the goals of the nation.”

Since Ericsson’s inception in Dubai in 1980, Ericsson has achieved numerous connectivity milestones in the region, from the introduction of the 3G network in the UAE to the accelerated roll-out of 4G, Internet of Things (IoT), and 5G initiatives with communications service providers (CSPs) in the country.

As organizations across the UAE turn to digital technologies such as AI and IoT, Ericsson is committed to helping the UAE tap into the potential of 5G. With a goal to maximize the potential of emerging digital technologies in the region, Ericsson is set to address a wide range of 5G use cases in the country and provide a nationally focused agenda for innovative and sustainable growth aligning with UAE Vision 2021.

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