Ethical Hacking in Pakistan: Is it legal?

Ethical Hacking in Pakistan is not a new concept. There are numerous ethical hackers in Pakistan who are earning well. Many of them are also working with different international clients. The term “hacking” make it looks like an illegal and suspicious when attached to any other term. However, rest assured that ethical hacking is a legal career that is being opted and followed by many people. Ethical hacking is an authorized profession and totally legalized in Pakistan.

What is Ethical Hacking?

Ethical Hacking in Pakistan isn’t new, however, it has been developing and transforming rapidly as new technologies evolve. Ethical hacking or ethical hacker are the terms which we  use to describe legal hacking performed by an organization, a team or an individual. The process occurs in order to help identify potential threats on a desktop, mobile phones or local networks. Ethical hacking helps the organizations to defend their data from different harmful threats. Ethical hackers make sure to keep the sensitive data secured. They also bypass the system to scrap and fetch any weak points that may be exploited by malicious or black hat hackers.

Ethical Hacking vs. Traditional Hacking

There is a distinctive difference between ethical hacking and traditional hacking. Ethical hackers purposely break into the organization’s system to protect and sustain the data and information from external malicious viruses and threats. So, ethical hackers basically help and protect the organizations and the society as a whole from system breach. Whereas traditional hackers misuse technology and their skills and illegally performs a system breach. These hackers do it illegally and hack the personal and financial data of individuals and companies. Nevertheless, these traditional hackers are also referred as “black hat hackers”, who hacks your data and sell it for money and often blackmail as well.

Ethical Hacking in Pakistan

Considering the technological advancements, ethical hacking has become a dire need in today’s world. Pakistan understands the value and importance of ethical hacking. Different Government and Private Institutions are offering certified courses on Legal Ethical Hacking in Pakistan. Some of the institutions offering courses on ethical hacking in Islamabad are:

  • Technologies Net Alliance
  • Ripah Institute of Systems Engineering
  • Corvit
  • RISE

Final Verdict:

It is undeniable that technology is rapidly evolving but with each new chapter, it does bring new challenges as well. However, to tackle such challenges we do need certified ethical hackers to build a wall against all those unethical hackers. Ethical hacking is a positive approach. Pakistani organizations need such professions to stay up-to-date with their systems.

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