EU Asks Tech Giants to Fight Online Extremism

EU Asks Tech Giants to Fight Online Extremism. European Union, while keeping in view the prevailing threat of online extremism in the digital world, has requested the technology companies to fight against it by devising proper legislation for it.

EU Asks Tech Giants to Fight Online Extremism

During the meeting at Brussels summit, EU increased pressure on US based tech giants like Twitter and Facebook to look seriously into the matter of online extremism. The issue has been re-discussed keeping in view the recent terror attacks in France, Britain and Belgium.

EU Council President “Donald Tusk” told the press conference during the Brussels summit that:

“We are calling on social media companies to do whatever is necessary to prevent the spread of terrorist material on the Internet.”

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EU joined struggles with the all US-based Internet companies during last year in order to combat the online extremism while responding to the growing alarm in entire Europe over the use of social media as a recruiting tool, especially by the Islamic State group.

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