Every Thing You Need To Know About Fiber Optics

Fiber optics is the Mac daddy of internet connectivity. Fiber optic internet services is the newest form of  transmission  of data (i.e. internet). Usually in Pakistan we get access to the latest technology a bit later than everyone else. Now that fiber optic has arrived in Pakistan, with multiple providers offering this service you need to know what the benefits are of getting a fiber optic connection versus the regular DSL, cable, or dongle. You can learn the benefits right here, and we can help you also save time and money whilst finding a connection that suits you best.

Every Thing You Need To Know About Fiber Optics

So what is all this hoopla about fiber optic connectivity? Fiber optic cable comprises of glass threads as opposed to copper or metal cables. It is a much more efficient means of transmitting data to users than its former counterparts (i.e. DSL or cable internet) and it has little or no dependence on electricity.

Why Choose Fiber Optics Over its Predecessors:

Fiber Optics has several advantages over DSL and Cable internet connections. Some of the advantages are:

  1. Fiber optic cables have greater bandwidth which means faster downloading or streaming of your favorite tv shows, movies and music.
  2. Fiber optics cables’ vulnerability to interference and dependence on electricity is lesser than DSL and Cable.
  3. In comparison with metal cables, fiber optics are substantially thinner and lighter.
  4. Fiber optics transmits data digitally, as opposed to analogously


Fiber optics is relatively 10 times faster than the Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) and it can transmit data over very large distances. It is always in full duplex mode which means that the upload and download operations have a dedicated channel where as in DSL, same channels are shared by the upload and download operations.

The only one drawback of the fiber optics is the slightly higher pricing.

Source: KarloCompare.com.pk

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