Expectations For Lost Soul Aside – A Gorgeous ‘Fast-Action’ Game

Lost Soul Aside is a game that was announced back in 2016, and it is a hack n slash game, similar to titles like Devil May Cry and Bayonetta. Its first video gameplay looked promising already, and the fact that at the start of its development, only one person was working on it, made it be even more impressive. The first gameplay looked astonishing already, with beautiful characters models, and fun and entertaining gameplay.

What was lost is found

It comes as no surprise that the game wouldn’t stay under development by only one person, and Sony saw the potential the game had at the time and decided to invest it in. While not being its publisher, Sony did an amazing job assisting the game development. The game will be released for PC, Playstation 4, and Playstation 5.

The creator of the game Yang Bing was heavily inspired by games like Ninja Gaiden and Final Fantasy, as the main protagonist shares a similar appearance to Final Fantasy XV main character, Noctis. Although combat was what the trailer focused on the trailer, creator Ying Bang also wants to focus on creating a game where the story is interesting and can captivate players, while also creating a massive world that can be explored and interacted with.

Most games of the same genre usually have difficulty settings, but Ying Bang says he will either implement different difficulties or create dungeons that are high-level so that players who enjoy more of a challenge can also play the game and have fun. From what we saw from all the video footage of the game, we can expect a large world with all different types of places, and it will be filled with different types of monsters, and amazing boss fights that can go from humans to monsters.

Yang Bing doesn’t plan on stoping on only this first game, he mentioned in an interview that he wishes to create at least two more Lost Soul Aside games, and would love to expand its universe. As of now, there is not much information regarding what the game will be about, all we know is that you will play as Kazer, a man who somehow combined with a crystal dragon that can take on different shapes. You will follow their story, as both characters chase after crystals, and must rely on each other to achieve their goal.


Lost Soul Aside will have fast-paced and frantic combat, with cool-looking combos, and amazing visuals. For fans of the hack n’ slash genre, this game looks simply amazing. Fights look like they will be challenging, as you will need to dodge enemy attacks, and find your opening to deal as much damage as possible, and look cool while doing so. Your companion the crystal dragon can transform into different types of weapons for you to wield, and Kazer can also use special abilities to help him in combat.

Gamers are extremely hyped for this game, and it will be without a doubt be remembered as an outstanding game. Some of the combat visuals resemble Final Fantasy XV, while some of the crazy and cool-looking combos certainly are inspired by games like Ninja Gaiden and Devil May Cry. A seventeen-minute-long presentation of the game was released earlier this year, and if you still haven’t watched, what are you waiting for?

There is still a lot of mystery surrounding this title, as other than the video, there isn’t much more information about the game. Even story-wise, just the basic was revealed, so we can expect to find out more about the game close to its release, that is set to be some time in 2022. It is almost certain that we won’t be getting much more information about it this year, and if we do, it might just be a trailer to announce the game release date.


Ever since its first video, everyone was taken aback by how talented Yang Bing was, as he developed it by himself. Now he has a bigger team working on the game, and we can see just how much of a difference it made by watching the latest game trailer. He is now looking for a level designer, an animation designer, and a senior 3D character modeler.

We also received the amazing news that Cody Mathew Johnson, that was the composer of Devil May Cry 5, will write music for the game. That is amazing news, and we can now expect the music to be intense and beautiful.

The combat looks amazing already, now we can only wait to see just how it will play, and if it will have fluid and smooth gameplay. People are mainly focused and interested in combat, but a game is much more than that. We also want to see if it will have an engaging story, and if the open-world will be fun to explore, or if it will only be an empty huge world.

Since the game was first shown back in 2016, everyone who saw it showed huge interest in the project, and cannot wait for the game to be released. It will finally be released after 6 long years, and while that was a long time, it will absolutely be worth it.


The fact that in the beginning was being developed by only one person is still shocking, and it is great to see that big companies like Sony and EpicGames showed an interest in the game, and wanted to help make the game even better. And we now know the game will have an amazing soundtrack, so this game is absolutely one of the most expected games of 2022. Fans of hack n’ slash can rejoice as a brand new game is going to be released, and if delivered, we can expect more than just one Lost Soul Aside game.

For now, we can only wait and hope to get more information as time goes by. We know the game will be released for the PS4, PS5, and PC, but more information about the game overall would be great. Discovering more about the story, and how levels will affect the game are just some of the information that would be great to know more about as well as to hear when finally we’ll be able to buy CD key for the game.

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